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About Calypso Caravans and Campers Limited


About Calypso Caravan and Campers

Calypso Caravan and Campers are the UK's partner for the Turkish caravan brand Caretta and the Spanish caravan giant Across whose models can be towed by the smallest car and driven by licence holders who do not have a full towing licence.

Want to put your own personal stamp on your mobile home? Our Calypso Caravans allow to build you very own specified version, ensuring you only pay for the items you need.

With caravans weighing in at 750kg, are lightweight, retro caravan can set you apart from the crowd.

Those looking for something a little smaller should consider the Calypso Teardrop range. These are growing in popularity as people continue to go down the staycation route for holidays.

We are specialists in wheelchair accessible caravans and motorhomes, thanks to our new partner Across, for which customers can choose their caravan layout, décor and configuration.

Calypso Caravan and Campers also offer electric and petrol scooters from Keeway, Sym, Royal Alloy and SkyMax.

Our Worrall Street premises also has a wide range of spares and additional parts for leisure vehicles, as well as workshop-based services and recommissioning for caravans, motorbikes and motorhomes.

About Caretta Micro Caravans

Caretta Caravans are manufactured in Turkey by Başoğlu.

Starting in 1976, today they continue to produce caravans in their facilities in Sakarya, a city in north western Turkey. Başoğlu is a large family with caravan dealers not only in Turkey, but also in many countries of the world. Each caravan they produce reaches its customers with the same quality and precision wherever they reside.

With over 40 years of experience, Başoğlu was proud to introduce Turkeys leading and pioneering brand of Caretta lightweight caravans in 2008.

Their export market now covers more than 45 countries, especially Western Europe.

In their designs, Başoğlu focuses on nature and people giving life to caravans through their awareness of the comfort, ergonomics, and health requirements of their caravan owners.

Caretta offer a superb range of microlight 2 berth and 4 berth caravans alongside their worldwide famous Teardrop range. This range is equally matched with options to purchase and create your very own commercial mobile shops or even specialised vehicles such as Fire and Rescue Teardrops or Media Teardrops.

Başoğlu is a brand that has the freedom of its customer's at heart and will continue to enhance the range, technologies and concepts for years to come.


About Across Caravans and Motorhomes

Across Caravans and Motorhomes are manufactured in Spain and have been doing so since 2008. The designers have created some attractive tendences that play on your emotions and create magic in its interior design.

Across now export to over 50 countries and are becoming globally recognised for their new approach to building caravans that allow consumers to build their very own bespoke design, that sets them apart from any competition.

Across also specialise in wheelchair accessible caravans and motorhomes. Ensuring that their caravans can meet the demands of everyone. From wider doors, bigger shower cubicles and wider walkways, Across is the Brand that no other can compete with.

They put at your disposal, a wide product range where anybody can find their own world. With more than 200 different vehicles and a great number of options in each one. Across work day after day to be to be closer to you…

Across produce personalized layouts, personalized furniture and personalized decorations, offering more than 1000 layouts and about 1000 possibilities to change the look and feel of your caravan or motorhome. Each model is done as it was the first one, so it shoots directly to a customized product. Each caravan is produced as individual one. To produce your caravan, the beginning is your caravan concept.

The Home of Calypso Motorhomes and Specialist Micro Caravans in the UK
The Home of Calypso Motorhomes and Specialist Micro Caravans in the UK